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Tae Lim

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Street Observation



    Place: 5th Avenue between 12th and 13th street.

    Time of observation: between late morning and early afternoon.

    Physical space: I think it depends on the time of a day how people react to the physical space around them. During my observation time, there were not many people on the street and people who were there gathered in front of windows and door of the building or sat on the stairs. A trashcan was placed at the corner of the street edge and near crossroads. Also, there were several water puddles near edge of street and crossroads.

    Social space/ interactions: Most of students on the street were smoking and chatting with each other in front of the building or on the stairs. As people were scattered around the building, I found it interesting to see how building could divide groups of people into different parts of the building. As there was a group of friends (5-7 people) in front of windows, other groups of people did not come near them, even though there was space for more people around that area, and stood near different parts of building, such as door or stair. Most of pedestrians passed the building without looking at the building or people in front of it, but some did look up the building for a while with curiosity.

    Issues/ Problems: I think the atmosphere of the school building alienates pedestrians in some ways. Those windows and groups of smoking students may give uncomfortable feelings to some of people who are just passing by. Also, a trashcan is placed awkwardly for users that it is too far away from the building and smokers to use and too close to waiting areas of crossroad that pedestrians wait for signal with uncomfortable feelings.

    Design solution: To give comfortable and inviting feelings to the pedestrians and also to the users, it may have outdoor chairs that are around a cigarette trashcan (shown above). This also can help people to gather around without hesitation.

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