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Aron Han

Jersey City, NJ, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Brief Hypothesis

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Transportation Design

    The problems that are caused by current transportation system, Increase of pollution level CO2, Increase of traffic, Lack of public transportation, Depleting the natural energy resource

    The invention of vehicle was fascinating to the people. People could move comfortably and quickly by using a vehicle, but at the same time it wounds the environment. The number of car increase annually, because of the population growth. The public transportation system around the world is also the problem. Usually the cities have the train or bus, therefore the car is necessary for the outer cities. People search for bigger car for their family and work. This cause car traffic to become worth, lack of parking area and creates more Co2. Co2 is the compound of two chemical oxygen-atoms, which affects the balance of the temperature and pressure around the earth’s atmosphere. This issue is known green house effect. As the balance of the atmosphere loses the control, the more sunlight energy hits the earth and end up increasing the temperature of the earth. When the temperature rises, environment changes, and the lives in nature start to become perplexed and die. As the nature-cycle loses the balance, it will also effect on human. The increase of car also vanishes the natural energy resource, gas. Gas is not unlimited, and it will be soon enough to deplete completely. Many organizations have been developing the alternative for gas; however it has not been successful enough to attract the consumers, because people are too used to the current product. The one’s goal of the project is to minimum these problems by designing either the public transportation or vehicle that uses less energy and space.

  • Aron, I think that you need to narrow your focus and try to develop an argument for your product idea. It is not enough to just highlight the problem, and say something should be done. What is your intervention, and how do you propose to help improve the environment through introduction of a new project? Steven

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