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Aron Han

Jersey City, NJ, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • EMBRIO concept vehicle for urban city

    Environment, Industrial Design


    My mission is to addresses the problems caused by traffic congestion by introducing an alternative transportation for urban area



  • Ben Gulak with "The Uno" on TV SHOW "Dragon's Den"

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Community, Industrial Design

    Mobiro is two wheel-balanced personal transportation and the concept focsed on short-range movement. The mobiro was developed for nursing care that can alternate a wheel chair. It can turn on a small radius, which allows the user to move around freely.

  • TOYOTA "MOBIRO" - Mobility robot

    Communication, Industrial Design

  • larger image of the sketch

    Environment, Industrial Design


  • The concept sketches

    Environment, Industrial Design


    The concepts does not have significant relevance to the issues that are caused by the automobile industry (such as CO2, traffic, and parking) however it lay out some ideas to start the project of designing better vehicle for the drivers and passengers. The concepts touch the storage, energy, and innovation. A. MODULAR CONCEPT-add or remove extra storage. B. CHAIN CONCEPT-the vehicle chains to the other and becomes a train, the first vehicle pulls the other and saves the energy. C. BAT MOBILE CONCEPT-the vehicle separates into two, one would use the vehicle regularly, when there is need for storage. One would pop out the scooter, when there one is going to someplace nearby or quick. D. EXPANSION CONCEPT 1-the height of the vehicle can be adjustable. One would higher the height of vehicle in order to see the condition of the street, or to feel safer. E. EXPANSION CONCEPT 2- the vehicle expands horizontally to create more storage. F. TRANSFORMING CONCEPT- vehicle transform into a mini pick up truck.

  • 10min observation at 5th AVE 13th ST

    Environment, Industrial Design


    One has observed the problems from the street and people for 10minutes. The first thing that came to my sight was the cigarettes that were just tossed on to the street. The number of cigarettes in front of the school entrance is numerous. Though there is place to discard cigarettes, but actually no one uses it. The second, it is easy to see bike theft in NYC. I was able to find one that is hanging to the poll. Since the bike is easy to disassemble, and anyone, who needs money steals a bike and sell the parts to the used bike stores. Ignorance of NYC is extremely radical from other states. At the cross-walk, though the red signal is on, people just walk through. One can sight homeless people everywhere on the street. The weather is getting cold and one could see the people sleeping on the street without anything underneath them. It is really bad for their health problem. Lastly the stairs came to me as the problem. There is only stairs in front of the school’s entrance. And it is hard for the leg disabled people to climb up the stair. There is a lamp at the side of the school, but the hill is little radical to go up.

  • Non-profit Organizations in NY

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Non-profit Organizations that tries to make the environment better

    Shorepower, LLC

    Shorepower Research and Development is the R & D unit of Shorepower Technologies. We are working on several new transportation technologies and projects in addition to EPS that promise greater energy efficiency and cleaner air.

    Headquarters Joe Licari, Director of Eastern Operations 153 Brooks Road Rome, NY 13441 (315) 838-4876 (315) 404-5613 mobile (315) 848-4877 fax

    NYC Green Car

    NYC Green Car is the premier company for corporations and individuals who wish to cut back on their carbon footprint without sacrificing their high-quality service expectations. With our fleet of advanced hybrid-only vehicles, well-trained drivers, and myriad amenities to ensure your comfort and convenience, we have revolutionized New York’s car service industry.

    Reservations 800.809.2073 or 646.912.6600 (Outside the US) Fax 646.417.6443 Mail NYC Green Car 100 Perry Street New York, NY 10014 Email

    Design Trust for Public Space

    The Design Trust is committed to improving the design, utility, and understanding of New York City's parks, plazas, streets, and public buildings. We bring together neighborhoods, public agencies, and design professionals to find innovative opportunities for change, making the city more beautiful, sustainable, functional, and available to all.

    338 West 39th Street 10th floor New York, NY 10018

    212.695.2432 tel 212.695.6101 fax info(at)designtrust(dot)org

  • Brief Hypothesis

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Transportation Design


    The problems that are caused by current transportation system, Increase of pollution level CO2, Increase of traffic, Lack of public transportation, Depleting the natural energy resource

    The invention of vehicle was fascinating to the people. People could move comfortably and quickly by using a vehicle, but at the same time it wounds the environment. The number of car increase annually, because of the population growth. The public transportation system around the world is also the problem. Usually the cities have the train or bus, therefore the car is necessary for the outer cities. People search for bigger car for their family and work. This cause car traffic to become worth, lack of parking area and creates more Co2. Co2 is the compound of two chemical oxygen-atoms, which affects the balance of the temperature and pressure around the earth’s atmosphere. This issue is known green house effect. As the balance of the atmosphere loses the control, the more sunlight energy hits the earth and end up increasing the temperature of the earth. When the temperature rises, environment changes, and the lives in nature start to become perplexed and die. As the nature-cycle loses the balance, it will also effect on human. The increase of car also vanishes the natural energy resource, gas. Gas is not unlimited, and it will be soon enough to deplete completely. Many organizations have been developing the alternative for gas; however it has not been successful...

  • Car and Environmental issue

    Environment, Industrial Design


    3. A. Global warming, depletion of energy source B. The increase of car causes oil depletion. Industrial product creating CO2. C. The initial problem for all causes on above is the car. car has been very useful invention by human, however at the same time it creates environmental issues in the world.

    D. Many scientists have announced that the oil in the world will deplete if the current usage of oil goes on for 10 years. Therefore people must find alternative energy to run the transportation. Such as car runs by water or solar power (Solar car in development process, Hybrid car). Another issues is public transportation system is not perfectly in many cities and countries and this make people to prefer riding a car.

    E. People, who owns the car. Car has been essential transportation. Anyone tries to purchase a car. I believe if people find nice and comfortableness about the public transportation it would decrease the number of people, who drive their own cars. F. Public transportation office, People, G. Research specific detail of energy depletion and car usage

    1. Hybrid car and solar car. This summer I visited Los Angeles for family affair, soon as I got off the airport, one thing that came up to my sight was hybrid car. TOYOTA Prius was everywhere. I was surprised by large number of hybrid car. I asked my cousin why there are so many hybrids. He answered the major reason is since Los Angeles is big city; people must need a car to move. Though there is subway, the sys...

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