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Brett Allcorn

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • NFP Summary: Brett Allcorn

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Part 1: My main NFP, OATSNY, will continue to answer questions I have about the elderly using technology and will continue to provide an ethnographic opportunity for me to watch the elderly interact with computers and the internet. My goal by this week (11/3) is to have finished my ethnographic research and interviewed 3+ users. To further support my research I intend to contact SeniorNet, the NYC Dept. of Older Adults, and the AARP this week in attempt to get further guidance, statistics, and other information about the elderly and technology. That will wrap up my research for the elderly and I have compiled my existing research into a mind map so I will add my new findings to that and consider other ways to map this information. I also intend to contact tech schools at Columbia, NYU, and CUNY this will (11/3) about the possibility of me meeting with someone to discuss the inner workings of wireless networks and routers. Hopefully I can schedule a phone conversation or meeting with these new NFPs I’ve been exploring sometime next week (11/10).

    Part 2: I would like to aim my charrette at OATSNY contact Rachel for now, and anyone else willing to participate. I aim for my charrette to take play the weekend of the 15th, although it make have to take place the following week. I would like to quickly catch my contact up to speed with my research, conclusions, and existing products. I’d like to provide her with a simplified mind map that states only the most important issues. I want her to understand beforehand that this is a visual brainstorming session in which we could quickly exchange ideas on paper and I don’t want her suggestions to be limited to her area of expertise. Perhaps one or two of the senior class members would also like to participate since ideally I will be holding this charrette after one of her bi-weekly classes.

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