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Brett Allcorn

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Brett Allcorn: Camboo Review

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Camboo by Vivian Lam

    She wanted to improve the quality of life among low-income families in Cambodia. Poverty is a huge problem in Cambodia, 35% of the population is living under the poverty line which affects the health and education of that segment. The solution is a line of products that help Cambodian bamboo artisans increase their sales with a new product line designed by Vivian. Her non-profits included Cambodian NTFP Development Organization, World of Good, Aid to Artisans, and Rainforest Relief. The non-profits are involved in the distribution of goods in the local and global market.

    Her mission was clearly stated: she wanted to take advantage of artisan skills and abundant natural resources to improve the poverty situation in Cambodia by helping to make the product more appealing and assisting the circulation of these products in the right global markets. While her mission is clear we were not convinced this problem is real, and we needed more statistics and visuals to back up her claims. The materials, designs, and technique chosen were not backed up with much evidence. How exactly is this distribution network set up? How will the economics of this work? Essentially she is trying to rebuild the economy of an entire country and this requires a thorough understanding and explanation of such things. What is special about the design, how does it stand out when compared to the original Cambodian products, what is wrong with the existing products, and what demands in the market are the new products addressing? The hardware needed for the basket lamps may require electrical knowledge Cambodians don’t already have, and might raise safety issues.

    Improvements: more key statistics and visual to back up claims on poverty, education, and natural resources. We would include information about the market and how these products would work in western living environments through trend analysis and market research. How can this product improve the life of all low-income families and not just artisans? We then expanded on Vivian’s product line, creating more options and diversity. We created lamps with the versatility to be used as an up light or a chandelier. Kitchenware and other products that sell better in the market than just lamps, such as fruit baskets, silver wear holders, plate coasters.

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