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Brett Allcorn

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • TWiST - Brett Allcorn

    Communication, Industrial Design


    A place I spend most of my time... The gym

    1. The NYSC gym I attend in NYC could definitely benefit from more space. There is barely enough room for the existing machines, things are constantly re-arranged to make room for new or more equipment but never seem to improve conditions
    2. More space means more room, less waiting, less conflict, congestion and stress.
    3. The bottom line is always money. Space is limited in New York City so how can we make more space without costing the gym more money? Or could a bigger space actually make the gym a better profit somehow? Smaller machines, more compact exercises, new techniques to exercise all work great.

    4. My neighborhood the way I most want it... more grass growth and nature. Less rigity and organization.

    5. This would create more room for expression, which perhaps could lead to problems in NYC - although this doesn't seem to happen in existing public spaces. Limited expression is a better description.
    6. Space is distributed by the city. It seems every inch of NYC is zoned for some purpose with tons of DO NOT's attached to it. The proposal should be conservative and well thought out with a clear benefit. Growing more trees and plants needs to seem much more appeal than the traditional block layout in my neighborhood.

    7. Imagine my country the way I wanted it to be... the change that needs to take place is in economic policies.

    8. A better economy would mean more money for everyone, better schools, and better neighborhoods. It seems to improve everything.
    9. Go out and vote.

    10. The *world *the way I most want it to be... better communication platforms. People are seemlessly connected.

    11. This would allow for more business and friendship opportunities. Increased sharing of information and globalization.
    12. I can innovate and ideate the systems of the future for communication. How can I bring people together, and specifically for what purpose? The business sharing systems might differ greatly from the social ones.

    My #1 vision is creating systems that link people together.

    YES I plan to vote

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design