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sam Tsai

New York, NY, American Samoa

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Thesis mapping

    Communication, Communication Design


    It is the new map which I put all elements to relate my thesis topic.

  • New Bibliography

    Education, Communication Design


    1. The human brain : A guided tour. New York: basic books.1993

    2. Parenting science evidence based information for the thinking parent." <http://>.

    3. "Child Psychology and Children’s Development." <http://>.

    4. "Color Psychology." <http://>.

  • Existing

    Education, Communication Design


    This toy includes different colors for children to choice with, and it provides psychology information for parent to understand their children’s. it also provides creating opportunity for children to build their own structures and forms. According to colors choice and forms making, children can have freedom to make their own opinion playing with the toy. The toy can be the communication bridge between children and parent.

  • Non profit organization

    Education, Communication Design

    Non profit organization

    1. The New York Hall of Science .

    2.Gymboree play & music

    1. St,Jude Children’s research hospital

  • Thesis topic

    Education, Communication Design


    Thesis mission statement

     Education and communication are extremely important between parents

    and children. Both elements can affect children’s personality and behavior. The definition for love is different from Western to Eastern. There are different meaning of love between Taiwan and American. In Taiwan,love is protect your children, and children have to accept their orders and suggestions. the parents are afraid their children might make mistake, they want the children to do what Parents want and what parents think is good for them. However,there are communication problems between parents and children . I would like to create the toy which provides commutation bridge between parents and children. From color choosing and forms making which provide psychology information help parent to better understand their children. It is important to build children’s own personality, in order to become independent thinking. The product also help parent reestablish what they think they know. The goal of the product is to educate parents that when to give the children freedom, in order to have their own experience building their own personality.

  • observation

    Communication, Communication Design


    Invisible social activity & Bicycle delivery guy

    Delivery guy who carry documents or packages ride the bicycle doing delivery service. This invisible social activity can make people closer, and it provides social activity. There are some important characters with bicycle delivery service. first, speed is different, because it is faster than regular mail. Second, because of using bikes to delivery, it is limited distance and areas. According these perspective, bicycle delivery guy service changes the way of social and communication, and it also extend social space form the one place to other place. Because of speed, people can delivery objects back and forward many time in one day.

  • design criteria

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Form : form is make project look more interesting and playful. Each step has their own syllable which provides elegance sound. Not only does it provide sound, but it also appears excited movement vision. I would like to say the form follow function, and it make crash can more friendly.

    Function: it is not like typical crash can, the designer uses every day use object to improve it’s functionality. First, it uses human power to make a ball drop into steps. When people throw crash into a can, they can hear elegance sound at the same time. Given this function, it makes throw crash more entertainment ,and it encourage people doing it more.

    Materials: it is mad by steel and wood which are recycle material. It has flexibility to make different shapes and forms. When a product life is ending, it can be recycle doing melting and cutting to reuse again.

    Energy: since it uses human power, it doesn’t use any energy source.

    Size: it is important to provide assembly function in order to reduce shipping cost and wasting energy using.

    Price: it can be reduce cost, if manufacture use damage xylophone.

    here is video

  • observation

    Communication, Communication Design


    Classmates with observation

    It is extremely nice to have opportunity looking at each classmate’s doing observation. To see how they look which is represent their eyes. Giving these reasons, I document each person’s standing areas. Karissa and Leah was setting on the bench using video to do observation. (Image number 1 and 2). Grace was standing on the corner focusing on people.(number 5). Areum was walk around between corner and sidewalk. (number4)

  • observation

    Communication, Environmental Design


    Bicycle parking space

    The bicycle parking space where is bikers social place. When they park bicycles, they may have conversation together. Eve thought there is bicycle parking space, but it appears differential. First , every bicycle has different colors, forms, function, and model. Second, it shows hierarchy between different prices of bicycle. Third, when I look deeper at each bicycle, there include personal identity on each bicycle. Owners design their bike to add personality in their bike, so each bike identify owners.

  • street observation

    Communication, Communication Design


    Location 13th st and fifth avenue corner. Corner & traffic light Social place has many relationship with environments which include visible elements such as roads and, building. A Traffic light has interested relationship with corner and people. in other word, a traffic light creates social opportunity for people. when people are waiting traffic light on a corner, they may bump into their friends. It will obviously provide social time for them having conversation together. traffic light control timeline and time mean with people. corners provide space for people having social activity.

Changing is good

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