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sam Tsai

New York, NY, American Samoa

Member since September 08, 2008

  • survey

    Education, Communication Design

    According to my survey which focus on how parent communicate with their children.It also to get people opinion to understand how important parent should give their children freedom to build their own experience. I got 26 responses from survey which provides some thoughts. First, parents have power to control and decide what children should do.

    I found that people in States have different point of view towards building the relationship between parents and children compare to Asian country.Following are the common components for communication between parents and children : Eyes contact , environment, intonation, the way of speak,Language, listen to your kids. These elements are not very common in Asian countries.

    However, by understanding the importance how experience can help children build their own personality is one of the important keys to my thesis. It should provide correct psychology data for parent to understand their children. It is important to help parent to understand or meet different specialized field, in order to convey them respect children’s decision and opinion.

    Questions What is the most important element for communication between parents and children?

    Eyes contact , environment, intonation, the way of speak.

    Language, listen to your kids,

    Following are the important components for communication between parents and children : Eyes contact , environment, intonation, the way of speak,Language, listen to your kids.

    Should parents give the freedom to children building their own personality and experience?why?

    Yes Yes,children learn better and faster by having their own experience. Also, it is very important that children building their own personality when they are little.m Children learn how to write and read in the school which enhance their ability to achieve what they want in the future. Plus , it helps them to think and act correctly.

    If you were the parent, how would you understand your children?

    Observation the way of playing toys. Looking at what they interested in.

    Analysis their reaction.

    By talking ,observing their behavior. Spend some quality time with children.

    How does education affect children personality?

    Good education can help children understand themselves better and build up their characters.

    What is the most important thing you care about in your childhood?

    happiness, attitude, food, desire, attention,

    when I was little, the only thing I care about is love or being satisfied.

  • Sam I am impressed with the types of answers people were able to verbalize to you about how they interact with their children - they were very thoughtful. I would like to see the same survey done on Asian parents, as you have stated above that the answers you received were very different than the typical Asian family's approach - What is the typical Asian family's way of understanding their children? Also, if your end goal is to help the teenager or young adult to make their own career choices, which you have discussed as your point of concern, it would also be extremely pertinent to design a survey to conduct with parents of teenagers and see how their answers may reveal differences between how well they work towards understanding and encouraging the teenager vs. their small children.

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