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sam Tsai

New York, NY, American Samoa

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Animal wheelchair

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    When dongs broken legs, Animal wheelchair provides convenient function for dongs. The existing animal wheelchair has some design problems need to be solve . the chair has only two wheel which doesn’t reduce enough pressure for a dog to control the wheelchair. Not only does the wheelchair have difficult function for dog to control, but also metal wheel is heavy weight for dog to control. The senior student Hye kim was focus on wheelchair providing body comfort, and it also provides easy control wheelchair function. Hye Kim was cooperate with UC David. They was working on how to create care program which give promote fosters and ease all aspects of health, comfort and disease of companion animals.

    Strengths and weaknesses of the project.

    Strengths: having three wheel can release pressure to non-injury legs. Using memory foam to provide comfort ,it is very sweet idea. To use transparent plastic is new design concept to reduce wheelchair weight. Because of material and colors using, it makes wheelchair look more modern and friendly . In our group discussion, we appreciate the product is being rented in hospitals. We also found several points that product can be improved. First, presentation board can be more clear in order to understand materials using and product description. Second, we wonder does the third wheel works better than two wheels.

    Propose improvement:

    After doing analysis, we found the biggest problems need to be solved. The wheelchair is only for back legs broken dogs using, as a result, it doesn’t provide front legs broken dogs using. Doing brainstorming we have one idea to solve this design problem. To use adjustable wheel commoner can improve wheelchair function that can provide front broken legs and back legs use.

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