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  • 11/03/08 THESIS, work in progress

    Communication, Communication Design


    for larger image, copy and past the link.

    "My mission is to provide couples with interactive designs that act to resolve the various obstacles of courtship and help themselves preserve and grow as individuals." Through weeks of research on design mappings, questionnaires, statistics, showed and coalesce mostly concerns on the topic of “trust” in terms of a couple in a relationship. The meaning of trust is “a firm believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”. Having trust in a relationship was mainly the issue in the survey, with the question asked, “what do you think a relationship should consist of?” Focusing on the problematic of courtship, total of 35 responses have taken my survey and 74.3% (26/35) of the age group between 21-25 had brought up the issue of trust during courtship. There’s a possibility that my target users are leaning towards a couple that is in a relationship and before marriage.

    In my research on books, I found that “trust” could apply into many aspects in a relationship. For example, adultery, how do you really define and measure martial relationship without violating by extramarital sex? That has to do with each individual’s morality. One could consider that adultery is immoral because of promise breaking and the breaking of which is more hurtful than the breaking of other promises in the vow of marriage. And some might not ...

  • 3 different improvements

    Environment, Industrial Design

    1. A lie Detector garment.

    2. Body heat sensor garment, illustrates which area of the garments been the most interactive with the others.

    3."be in my shoes, to understand me fully." a device where you can switch personal daily activities with your love ones.


  • Revised THESIS STATEMENT & MAPPING(work in progress)

    Communication, Communication Design

    Enjoy the new layout with a better understanding of my thesis project through this illustration.

    Revised Thesis Statement-

    My thesis statement is to address the issues of courtship through interactive designs that will help us define ourselves as a person (self-identity).

    a poster for my thesis statement. link-

    mapping, it didn't turn out the way i wanted to deliver it(work in progress)


  • By The Numbers

    Education, Communication Design

    here are some statistics i've found on human behaviors.

    “Second, the age of first marriage has been rising--in 1960, first marriages occurred at age 20.8 for women and 22.8 for men; in 1998, it was 25 for women and 26.7 for men (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1999). The effect is a substantial lengthening of the time between biological readiness and marriage; the gap is typically 12 to 14 years today”

    “Satisfaction with one's sexual relationship is an important component of sexual health. While many factors may contribute to satisfaction, three that differentiate people who are happy from those who are not are (a) accepting one's own sexuality, (b) listening to one's partner and being aware of the partner's likes and dislikes, and (c) talking openly and honestly (Maurer, 1994). In other words, successfully completing the developmental tasks of adolescence and young adulthood are keys to sexual health.”

    Human sexual development - Statistical Data Included. Journal of Sex Research, Feb, 2002, by John DeLamater, William N. Friedrich

    “The study of romantic relationships has linked positive affect to sexual desire and behavior (Berscheid, 1988; Regan, 2000). It is not surprising that when partners indicate love and positivity toward each other, and define the relationship in positive terms (e.g., satisfied, intimate, and committed), they are more open to sexual experiences and more likely to report sexual involvement. As Giles (2004) states, "Love is but one more wa...

  • Questionnaire/Survey

    Communication, Communication Design

    link to the image.

    summary- So far I’ve received 19 out of 30 replies back from my survey. Key words that people think of a(an) successful/unsuccessful relationship-

    Good- “Solid friendship, feelings, humor, trust, honesty, fun, common interests, fantastic sex, attraction, mutual morals, ethics, understanding, “2 in 1”, communications, compromise, confidence, tolerenace, commitment, etc…”

    Bad-Stubborn, hard to read, not their type, not official, jealousy, miscommunication, dishonest, verbal fights, long distance, alcoholic, insecurities, time consuming, selfish, depression, inconsiderate, hypocrites, etc…”

    Response summary Thesis Research: Gender, Courtship, & Self-Identity 10/26/08 responses = 19

    What is your gender?

    Male = 36.8% Female = 63.2%

    How old are you?

    16-20 = 26.3% 21-25 = 73.7%

    What is your sexual preference?

    Straight = 84.2% Gay = 15.8%

    1/30 of the responses.

    1. What is your gender? ”Female”

    2. How old are you? “21-25”

    3. What is your sexual preference? “Straight”

    4. Describe the good and the bad of your current relationship? (If single describe your past relationship). “Of my past relationship of 4 years: good: fantastic chemistry (emotionally and physically), understanding, reliability, good listener, monogamous, we had same music taste, same interests. Bad: he was jealous, controlling, and never wanted to try anything new, and STUBBORN!!!! Current 'fling' of 1 mon...


    Communication, Communication Design


    i focused on the main points of my thesis topic and came up with this illustration(my map). It illustrates the connections of all my research so far; I would like to re make another one once I’m fully done with my research. enjoy!


    Communication, Communication Design


    i focused on the main points of my thesis topic and came up with this illustration(my map). It illustrates the connections of all my research so far; I would like to re make another one once I’m fully done with my research. enjoy!

  • Thesis statement.

    Communication, Fashion Design


    My approach is to address the issues of courtship and decision-making in humanity, through functional/interactive design for finding self-identity.

    Thomas Tan

  • DESIGN EXAMPLE of my mission.

    Communication, Fashion Design


    Designer-christopher eves

    Designer's statement- "I am interested in creating a lasting bond between user and garment, and thus enhancing sustainability. I have been investigating longevity facilitated by functionality. I’m curious of the effect that the functionality can have on emotional attachment relative to the memory of the interaction with the garment. A surprising interaction creates a story of the experience in the user’s mind, therefore creating an emotional attachment and a stronger memory of the object through the story of the interaction.

    The project ties in with male and female courtship rituals enhancing the stories that can be attached to the garment through the interaction of functionality. Playing with clichés and observations coupled with courtship behaviour, highlighting values and concerns."


    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Blue-sky Interactive Design.

    -2 in 1 cup.

    The more the users interact with the cup the warmer the cup gets and it heats up the milk shake/hot chocolate. Milk shakes to hot chocolate.

    -“2 in 1” chips

    This bag of chips is designed for more than one user for ergonomic, user friendly purposes. It has two openings on both ends of the bag, and it connects through the middle for possibility of hands contact. “2 in 1” chip are Playful for kids, and suitable for couples being flirty with each other.

    -Tinted to clear shades.

    Each sunglass has a device installed with a program that could sense other sunglasses with the same profile (Ex, interests of music, food, sports, and so on) users. The profile settings are optional with everything a user want for the others to seek and relate.


    (same concepts as the tinted to clear shades but instead it vibrates or glows with an LED, when the highest matching profile is near by)

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