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  • User Testing Documentation

    Communication, Fashion Design


    I’ve conducted the first user testing with random couples in New York City. While couples interact with my first prototype, it was hard for them to understand the purpose of the opening in the back of the hoodie until I told them what it was and its design language. Once I told them they’ve actually enjoyed it more and tried out different ways of wearing the garment and interact with one another. There were quite a few problems that I need to resolve after digested the feedbacks from users. First the material should be somehow more firm and stronger instead of silky soft so it can offer a steady appeal and durable (look for more materials). Second, instead of having pocket slots, what if underneath the hoodie was woven with elastic bands and the hoodie would be able to open up for couples while the woven is stretched? Third, what if the height differences between couples was a large stretch from one another? Fifth, what if couples were oversized? Sixth, some suggested that I could look into new ways of spreading and stretching the hoodie instead of overlapping and waste materials and also manufacturing time. Positive feedbacks were also helpful, many said the fact that we (couples) are under one hoodie and we share basically everything, a sign of compromise. The allowance of space of the hoodie gives the couples to pull in and out from the relationship when one’s need the space but eventually the love will come back around and yet stronger. My next step is to continue testing out materials(fabrics) and making prototypes as well as designing the final look.

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