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  • revised statement/user testing

    Communication, Fashion Design

    My mission is to provide couples with interactive designs that act to resolve the various obstacles of courtship and help themselves preserve and grow as individuals.

    Through research, men and women speak a different language, they cope stress differently. The most common issues within a relationship is the lack of trust for one another and that leads to lack of understanding of each other’s behaviors and the usage of misleading communication. I also want to stress the importance of preserving self-identity in a relationship, often men and women will sacrifice to make their mate happy without knowing they are losing themselves in a way that their self-identity have been missing.

    My intended goal of design language for my product will provide users the ability to trigger healthy conversations and interactions through interactive products. And that way couples can discover each other’s needs and have a better understanding of one another and learn to accept differences and respect each other’s self-identity.

    1.who will be the users for your 1st test?

    The users would be singles, couples, students, teachers, whomever I encounter with.

    a. What criteria will you use to select the individuals who will test your prototype? Probably a controlled group selected by either the NFP or myself and hopefully a different group for all 3 tests, that way I can get different ideas and feed backs as well.

    b.What type of environment will you test them in? An environment in a counseling center, dating center, classroom with my prototypes completely. Have people either randomly chosen or controlled group that could test out my prototypes and carefully analyzed users interactions with each other and adjustments will be made in relations towards the aspect of user-friendly, ergonomics, materials usage.

    c. Depending on my NFP either the NFP or myself will conduct the user testing, due to various reasons and it would be documented through a camcorder. Haven’t found the space yet.

    2.A relationships where our perspectives are on the same level meanwhile help and share our knowledge of skills with each other as well as building trust.

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  • Industrial Design
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