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    Communication, Communication Design

    After the first critic review, I’ve gotten many positive feedbacks from the presentation of my thesis project and again my mission is to provide couples with interactive designs that act to resolve the various obstacles of courtship and help themselves preserve and grow as individuals. Most of the critics said that my thesis project has a lot of potential covering on the problem of miscommunication and trust, mean while it is difficult to solve various obstacles in a relationship with a product. Some said maybe the only way is for couples to read relationship books, which are out in the market and they are actually effective. Majority of the critics find it exciting and easily relate to my concept but it needs more research to back up the basis of thesis, in terms of a psychological, sociological, a physical manifestation of my product that can establish the needs for trust and well communication. So far my “bed” and “daily diary” concepts came across the closest. The critics and I also agreed on staying away from sex products, instead focusing on human interaction, and wanting more developments of new drawings and ideas.
    I have made drawings through different ideas in the area of furniture, fashion, products, and I need a solid direction to move on to my next step. A wise comment I’ve received was to do research on the most commonly used product by both men and women and elaborate it from there on. Through research, I found that men and women speak a totally different language so how can I design a product where I could make a couple to have the abilities of understanding each other differences/perspectives and accepting your partner for who they are within one product or a series of products? Some suggested that to throw in a twist or humor into the concept and less of an act for therapy used product, perhaps a product that can “break the ice” or to “initiate dialogue” and not something that is conventional. Some also proposed to me to look at “design in motion” within an interior space, and study how both sexes act in a space while interacting with a product. Finally, my section instructor suggested that I should focus on “visual reminder” meaning a series of products or a product that can help and enhance couples communication and understanding each other perspectives; products that can carry messages so both users won’t misinterpret each other’s language and therefore it will reduce conflicts.
    Potential products that the critics approved are the “profile/preference sunglasses”, “the next generation hug shirt”, “daily diary”, “2 in 1 jeans and the bag of chips”, lastly, the “split beds”. Feedbacks from each of the products gave me a wider range to vision these products in a different perspective.
    First. “Profile/preference sunglasses” could be the new way of communication and interaction rather through blogging, online messaging, web cam or what so ever. So the sunglasses will have devices that consist of a file of your own profile and your preference (in terms of your future mate). The device uses wi-fi tech to deliver the file within the radius of the user interacting with the shades. The lens of the shades will then turn transparent when 2 users have the highest matching percentage; and only those two people could see each other’s eyes. Second, “the next generation of hug shirt”, instead of using hi-tech why not go conceptual and cast your love ones body with some sort of resin, and crack them into pieces and attached them on the garments, and when one does the hug motion the pieces will all come together again to form your love ones body. Third, “daily diary” through research men and women cope stress very differently. Men go into a cave by themselves and find the solution to a problem and it could take awhile depending on the problem of their situation. Women share their stress to others and they need intimacy and good listeners to hear them out and show support. So that narrows down that if a couple can’t understand each other’s behavior and language? It could lead to conflicts. The questions are asked, how can I design this product so it could prevent men from shutting down communication with out making women not reassuring that men would come back? And, how can women maintain the communication connection alive when they are in stress, either dealing with men going to their caves to cope stress or in general women looking for intimacy. Forth, the “2 in 1 jeans” and the “2 in 1 bag of chips” were playful products that contained a message of preserving self-identity and understanding each other’s perspective is the most important aspect of a successful relationship. Lastly, the “split beds” is pretty similar to the “2 in 1” products but I will not go towards furniture making, it was just an idea to help me identified problems and how to resolve the various obstacles in a relationship and needs through beds and design within a space. Currently, I am working on finding a suitable NFP with a NFP therapist from New School. The therapist will not be able to work with me due to the fact that she has another project that she’s working on but she is willing to help me to find other resources and NFPs. And hope I would be able to construct a design charette soon, so it would reinforce my research and concept designs. I’m also looking at this product called “warm pack” is a heating pack that is made out of salt solution. So, you snap this re-useable “warm pack” and the salt solution will react and turn warm. My next step is to do more intensive research, sketches and finalizing my ideas and proposal. Also, finding sources and a suitable NFP with the NFP therapist from the New School.

  • I also think there is major potential in this area which is certainly a major problem, especially in the united states where the divorce rate is enormous. have you looked into other cultures and how they believe courtship should be from indians, europeans, russians etc...?

    good luck Thomas!

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