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  • 11/03/08 THESIS, work in progress

    Communication, Communication Design


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    "My mission is to provide couples with interactive designs that act to resolve the various obstacles of courtship and help themselves preserve and grow as individuals." Through weeks of research on design mappings, questionnaires, statistics, showed and coalesce mostly concerns on the topic of “trust” in terms of a couple in a relationship. The meaning of trust is “a firm believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”. Having trust in a relationship was mainly the issue in the survey, with the question asked, “what do you think a relationship should consist of?” Focusing on the problematic of courtship, total of 35 responses have taken my survey and 74.3% (26/35) of the age group between 21-25 had brought up the issue of trust during courtship. There’s a possibility that my target users are leaning towards a couple that is in a relationship and before marriage.

    In my research on books, I found that “trust” could apply into many aspects in a relationship. For example, adultery, how do you really define and measure martial relationship without violating by extramarital sex? That has to do with each individual’s morality. One could consider that adultery is immoral because of promise breaking and the breaking of which is more hurtful than the breaking of other promises in the vow of marriage. And some might not agreed on adultery as immoral regarding to feelings, love, and affection in terms of extramarital sex if the partners communicated well and are on the same mutual mentality. (Pg. 117. wasserstrorm, Moral relativisim, Moral Diversity, & Human Realtionships). Through interactive designs I want to provide couples of understanding themselves as an individual and as well as enhances the romance in courtship, and also another option that the product provides is to make a couple realizing who they are as an individual and uses my product to discover if their partner is suitable for them before marriage and hopefully it reduces the rate of divorcing couples in today’s society.

    My challenge/proposal now is to focus on trust and morality of human relationships and designing and shaping a product that will be able to solve the various obstacles of courtship as well as discovering self-identity for the individuals. And also do research on materials usage, and colors concerning to what attracts both men and women inquisitively with a shared product.

    3 designs of possible solution

    1. Scissor shaped kitchen utensils. An act of using “2 in 1” utensils while eating and sharing food show signs of caring, compromising, and etc…

    2.”Who wears the pants in the relationship?” Often people ask… Jeans are often shown as an individual characteristic through long terms of use; it shows experiences through color fading, rips and creases. Therefore, this is a product where a couple could attach their jeans together on either side of the seam line and could add “mileage” on their jeans while walking next to each other when both pairs are attached into a 3 legged jeans.

    3.The love triangle bowl. Often couples share food, and sharing is caring. Picture this! During a cold winter, a couple is having a hot bowl of soup in a restaurant or at home, why not design a soup bowl where you could share by pouring the soup into the middle bowl, and let nature of gravity slowly pulls and drains the soup into both ends of the bowls for individually use at the same time.

    NFP I haven’t found suitable NFP organizations for me to work with yet; my next step is going to be more intensive research and to narrow down my target users on the problematic of courtship, so that I would have a specific topic and user group to work with for me to share my proposals and sketches with the future NFP groups. And also I would be making a few more surveys that are more specific on the findings of my research from the previous survey, as well as interviewing therapists for professional support.

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