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    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Blue-sky Interactive Design.

    -2 in 1 cup.

    The more the users interact with the cup the warmer the cup gets and it heats up the milk shake/hot chocolate. Milk shakes to hot chocolate.

    -“2 in 1” chips

    This bag of chips is designed for more than one user for ergonomic, user friendly purposes. It has two openings on both ends of the bag, and it connects through the middle for possibility of hands contact. “2 in 1” chip are Playful for kids, and suitable for couples being flirty with each other.

    -Tinted to clear shades.

    Each sunglass has a device installed with a program that could sense other sunglasses with the same profile (Ex, interests of music, food, sports, and so on) users. The profile settings are optional with everything a user want for the others to seek and relate.


    (same concepts as the tinted to clear shades but instead it vibrates or glows with an LED, when the highest matching profile is near by)

  • Thomas Nice drawings! I really am drawn to your 2 in 1 Chip Bag it is not only a fun and unique, but it promotes sharing among young kids who often resist doing so. With your new bag design, I think that most young kids would become excited to share. Even a very large bag of chips in its current design does not make it easy to fit two hands into at once - Your concept questions the effectiveness of this current product's form and improves upon it, which is not an easy task. In terms of the "intanglble" emotional appeal, your design provides this as well - encouraging people to physically touch hands in an action where that is not normally encouraged - it is very sweet.

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