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  • observational drawing and writing.

    Environment, Environmental Design


    As I walked out of the glass doors of 2 west 13th st, first thing you would notice is the strong scent of tobacco burning through the cool breeze. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that the architecture of the parsons building has a big impact of the traffic on the corner of 13th st 5th ave. I saw pedestrians sitting on the windowsill either smoking, eating, and spending some privacy time within themselves and also socializing with others. The big large windows of Parsons school of Design expose the interior and the ability to see everything from the street and sidewalk, one is curious to see and explore our school from the street, and that causes attention, traffic.
    I would say the design purpose of our school has been successfully well designed, considering the movements of people on 13th st and 5th ave; our school draws attention and affected the way pedestrian live everyday by passing through. Random people would stop and have all their attention towards our building, some would keep walking but noticing their reflections on the large windows. In my opinion the large windows and windowsill was designed in a way for people to interact with each other, where it provides seating areas for students and pedestrians.

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