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  • Decomposing Thesis

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    As a group we presented a previous senior thesis project that was focusing on the environment. Takeshi Seki worked with a not-for-profit-organization called CENYC, their focus has been improving New York City environment for over thirty years now, and they emphasizes the awareness among new Yorkers as their main focus. Takeshi’s approach towards this thesis project was to reduce the carbon dioxide through installing reinforcements for trees so that it could prevent traffic from hitting it, and also providing more green in the city due to the lack of parks we have in New York City.

    The strength of this project is to gain awareness of environment in New York City, the benches he designed increases the social engagement in the urban community. However, the concept of reducing carbon dioxide from furniture making is not effective due to the lack of information on materials usage and production. Furthermore, his design in general wasn’t relatively connected to the environment; and as well as the function doesn’t speak for its design. Lastly, Takeshi Seki wasn’t able to adapt his not-for-profit-organization into his final product.

    Through analysis of Takeshi Seki’s thesis, we all approved that there are many different ways to approach this issue. One of the ideas we came across was to produce more oxygen by processing photosynthesis without greens or transferring carbon dioxide into oxygen through current technologies. For example, one idea was to have filters installed into transportations, where the filter takes in Carbon dioxide and release Oxygen. Overall, we concluded that the project was still in work in progress; however, it still has potential to develop urban design that will raise their awareness of global warming issue.

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