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Serdar Gizer

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Presentation Review

    Aid, Industrial Design


    Verbal Suggestions:

    • study the possibility of merging the two concepts.
    • emphasize the education aspect
    • discover other possible uses of the methods discussed
    • investigate the disadvantages of other similar products
    • find a contact in NYC for user testing possibility
    • presenting large ideas can look impossible or unbelieveable

    Written Suggestions:

    • conduct deeper investigation of social/political issues
    • display even more ideas
    • narrow down the project
    • using the big picture weakens the argument
    • get into details when presenting research
    • focus on minimal amount of local resources
    • focus on the user
    • do not try to adapt existing products – come up with new ones
    • contact a user group for testing
    • try to merge ideas

    Personal Overview of the Critiques:

    There were a lot of mixed messages from the critics that were presented in very positive and polite ways during the presentation.

    Some arguments were lead by the critics were more about their own personal approaches to the problems than discussing what was being presented. Critics were disappointed and persuasive when a suggestion of theirs was inapplicable, already been thought or not covered by the research that was already done.

    Some critics showed general interest but seemed lost when I went into the details of the research. They wanted to discuss the concept ideas right away and start asking design questions before the presentation was complete. Therefore their comments on the research were that it is not thorough. It was challenging to present the right amount of information to each person.

    It was valuable to get reactions of different kinds of critics. I am thankful for all of their suggestions, especially of those who took the time to hear the complete story.

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