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Serdar Gizer

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • By The Numbers: Lights Are Off At 3 In Every 4 Homes in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Poverty, Industrial Design

    According to World Resources Institute, as of 2000, only 72.8% of the worlds population has electrical power in their home. That is less than 3 in every 4 people in the world.

    The 27.2% that has no electricity was 1,651,198,032 people in the world's population in 2000. Should there be no new radical policies, in 2030 there still will be about 1,4 billion people living with no electricity, according to Robert Priddle, Executive Director of International Energy Agency (IEA).

    IEA also points out that 80% of people living without electricity live in rural areas of the developing world, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa, South and East Asia.

    In 2000, only 24.2% of the people living in Sub-Saharan Africa had electricity in their homes. 32% of the countries in this region has more than 90% of its homes without electricity.

    This information tightly relates to my topic for choosing the appropriate user group for my thesis. The people living in this area live without the benefits electricity brings and the problem will remain and a very small portion of these people will have access to this 150 year-old technology.

  • Your posting shows that you are looking for the right types of information, and using good resources, however, dramatic developments can happen over a period of eight years, particularly in a developing country. Therefore, it is important that you find current statistics to report.

    If you haven't checked into this organization yet, Mercy Corps: it may be of interest to you. I have a contact there if you think that working with them would be of interest.

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