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Serdar Gizer

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Survey and Results

    Environment, Industrial Design

    I constructed my survey around four areas: sources of energy, energy use habits, electricity outage and relationship between electricity and health. 16 people took the survey.

    The results show that people are informed about the alternative technologies for energy production yet do not know the kind of power plant their electricity is supplied from. We are taking electricity for granted and have an abstract vision of it. Even though people are aware of the facts like the difference between fluorescent and incandescent bulbs or the inefficiency of disposable batteries, we continue to use the less effective and environmentally friendly methods.

    80% of the participants experienced an electricity outage. This gives someone the foresight about the meaning of lack of electricity. The survey showed that communication devices (phone, radio, internet, computer...) were amongst the most important facilities during an outage, followed by lights.

    8th question asking for a suggestion to make a device rechargeable was the most challenging question in the survey. While 50% of the participants skipping the questions, 25% of the people who answered the question said that they are not sure. This might show that we accept the devices we use as they are and we get used to their energy needs without realizing.

    Here is the graph for the results.

  • So, what did the 25% of the respondents who did not skip question 8, and did not say they were not sure? Did those people have ideas that were of interest to you? I think that this survey reveals some interesting things. I was surprised actually at how many people think they know where their electricity comes from. I am pretty sure that everyone who is connected to the grid gets electricity from many sources. If depends on load and capacity. Very often, New York State buys electricity from Hydro Quebec, who generates the power 1000 miles away. Anyway, let me know the answers to the open ended questions, and then I will have more pearls of wisdom for you. steven

  • In response to good, and a little sneaky, posted by steven landau,
    in the thread Survey and Results

    Steven, thank you for the response.

    Their responses for devices that they would want to be rechargeable are vacuum cleaner, computer, lights, remote controls, fan and internet modem.

    I thought that people suggested some of these devices for the times of electricity outage (lights, computer, fan, modem) and some for better mobility (vacuum cleaner, fan.)

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