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Serdar Gizer

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

Born January 13, 1988 in Adana, Turkey, Serdar Gizer has long been interested in the arts, drawing and painting being his favorite subjects in grade school. In 6th grade he joined the International Schools Theatre Association and attended festivals around Europe as an active member for five years. In high school Serdar took the science track to be able to collect adequate credits for the Turkish design schools even though ironically it meant that he had no access art classes at school. He pursued his interest through private tutoring in Adana as well as in Istanbul by artists. This allowed him to complete a portfolio to apply to the designs schools in the US. Despite having never been to New York Parsons became Serdar’s first choice for college with its recognition in the world of Turkish design.

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Community, Environmental Design

Posted April 15, 2008
By Silka Glanzman

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