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Grace Tsai

New York, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Assignments 03/02

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Presentation Board













    User-Testing Result

    My NFP in Taiwan, The Rerum Novarum Centre has return me with user-feedback. This NFP provides services for local labourers as well as to provide educational and training programmes for trade unions. In 1986, the centre expanded its services to assist migrant workers. In 1995, they began to serve victims of job-related injuries, and indigenous workers.

    1. Information wheel is a creative idea. However, the design is not very easy to spin which discouraged many of our workers to use it.

    2. Some language can be even more simplified for easy understanding; the font can be larger.

    3. Too many word at contact trap section, some workers don't understand what it is about unless they read through the whole template. NFP recommends me to write the text in a more straight-forward format, and just tell workers what to do.

    4. Wage section is not complete. Required more information.

    5. Injuries section is well written.

    6. The color theme is very limited. NFP recommends me to apply a main color for each topic.

    7. The NFP worried that the graphic might be too powerful for workers in China. However, their workers love the graphic, and that those graphic are very attractive to young workers.

    Design Direction


    I had choose to use circular shape in stand of the rectangular shape. First reason is for easy spinning. (the under layer have to be larger than the above layer). The second reason is that I want my users to recognize my design and not to confuse with any pocket size booklet. The third reason is because circle have meaning of prefect in Chinese.


    I had draw some graphic images that combined cultural revolution style and updated comic art style. However, I am also playing around with Chinese Typography and Chinese paper cutting. I am seeking a method that has modern graphic design looks, and can also reduce the production cost at same time. (color printing vs. die cutting)

    Next Step

    I want to send my second user-testing to China and Taiwan by 3/10, since China NFP usually takes a long time for communication.

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