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Grace Tsai

New York, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Summary of Thesis

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Mission Statement

    Mission for my thesis is to increase the awareness for equality between rural migrant children and urban children in China by designing a product that will increase self-esteem within rural migrant children; empower migrant children the importance of collaborate with others and form a strong friendships through learning or game playing.

    Concept to With More Depth

    The product could be an educational tool or game that provides an opportunity for migrant children strengthen their communication skills and ability to learn, in order to cope with new environment. The experience of using this product will develop a positive self-esteem for migrant children individually, increase their confidence and desire to seek a better life. Products should also increase awareness and acceptance of each migrant child's social identity within his/her community. Such awareness could be actualized through targeting both migrant and urban children, and the method of how the product is distributed to both children group.


    According to UNICEF, there are around 150 million migrants who flock to urban cities of China seeking for better life, and 19 million are children who follow their parent into city. Most migrants are considered invisible citizens in China; their education is usually separate from public school systems and their diplomas are not qualified by their society. Such strong discrimination of their identity prevents migrant children to pursue a better opportunity to learn. Even though a law was amended that governments must provide education for migrant children who legally live with both parents, in reality, but it has a very limited affect on local government. Further, those migrant children who are in public school are often not accepted by peers and teachers due to their social identity. Such inequality lowers down child's self-esteem and desire to seek for better life.

    Who Can Benefit?

    Helping migrant children to improve their ability to learn not only benefit them to seek a better opportunity, and helping them lift out from poverty in the long run; society will also benefited from reconnecting the rural and urban income gap as rural households also share in the income grains.

    The Optimal Outcome of My Idea

    The optimal outcome of my mission will affect the development of China in the long run. The demand for labor increases as more companies are setting up manufacturing warehouse in China. Therefore, it is important for government to balance out the ratio between each income classes, keep their human resource healthy with up to standard living conditions. Migrants should be treated the same as those who already live in the urban areas, and should have the same right and benefits from governments. For all of those reasons, human right becomes critical in reducing discrimination within China in order to strengthen the health of country as whole. I am choosing children as my target group because children have the most possibility to make difference in the future.

    My Next Step

    In order to achieve my mission, I have to research on current conditions of migrant children with the support from an organization, observe the behaviors of these children and find out more issues that affect their performance. I will have to find research on a specific geographical area that compares between migrant children and urban children and conduct a survey within China that shares Chinese options on rural to urban migration.

  • It looks like you've got your head in this one real nicely, i like the topic and i could see it has substance as a thesis project which will have an impact on the world but more specifically China. Where are the migrant children from in China?

  • In response to i like it, posted by Samuel Vider,
    in the thread Summary of Thesis

    grace, I echo Sam's comments, and am really looking forward to seeing where you go with this. Your observations are spot-on. You have identified a huge market and a significant social benefit that could be achieved if you are successful. This topic, while complex, is something understandable, and there should be plenty of data available to help you to frame your arguments. Very good work so far! steven

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