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Grace Tsai

New York, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Design Criteria

    Community, Industrial Design

    Form: Form follow the function, without knowing exactly what I want to do for my thesis, I can’t state how I am going to approach to the form. However, I would love to bring in some cultural symbol into the form. For example, wide-brimmed rain hat that are used by farmers in Asia (斗笠); this type of hats are easily recognize by most Asian people, it also a symbolic objects for farmers.

    Function: I want to design a physical product that has practical functions for Orphans’ need, and it will allow orphans to visually “communicate” between each other. The design will form a social network within Orphanages. After all, it is very important for one to find others who had been through similar experiences; such friendship will reinforce their social ability within and outside the orphanage. Therefore, function is to focus on communication of symbol, form, colors and maybe some interaction. (However, I am not intend to design a cell phone for a verbal communication.)

    Ergonomics: I believe in the importance of ergonomics. Yet it also depends on how much human body is depending on such product or object. For my thesis, I don’t think it going to play a major role in my design.

    Ease of Use: As my target is child, some could lack of educations or disability, it is very important for me to design a product that is ease of use for child. I will have to focus on the size, necessary of function, color. Most importantly, I have to reduce the process for child to use my design.

    Color & Material: Colors has to be attractive for children, can be visually identified by any form of disability child. The material has to be safe and durable for child. The materials also depend on the function of my design. Size & Portability: The size should fit into child’s hand; it has to be portable on part of the body. (such as wrist, nick etc)

    Price: Orphanages will not have money to buy the design of my concept. Therefore it is important for me to design low-tech. objects that can also produce with low cost. I will have to focus on how to marketing my design in the late stage of my process.

  • Yale_177_

    Grace, what a nice idea to try to develop tools for kids who are without parents to try to help each other through some form of social networking. I don't know enough about the social problems facing these children, but if there are many of them, it makes sense for them to create their own sub-culture. Many parents help their children by giving them special advantages: for example, if a parent went to a very good college, it will be easier for that parent's child to get in to the same school, even if he or she is not really intelligent enough to be go to that school (for example, George w. Bush). How can orphans, who don't have advocates like parents, compete?

    Grace, you have great ideas, and are very intelligent, but I want you to really focus now on developing an actual product. It's time to get more specific. Let me know if you need extra help in developing your ideas. steven

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