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Grace Tsai

New York, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Observation

    Community, Communication Design


    1. What did you observe in the physical space? The physical space is consistently changing as people use them. For example, a bike massager was untying his lock from the bike park area; he pulled the iron chain too hard that the bike rest stand was shifting off a little bit. The bike massager left without readjusting the bike rest stand.

    2. What did you observe in the social space/interactions? I notice how people tried to use public space as their personal space. Many of them are completely into their own wonderland and do not even notice their surrounding, or they simply don’t care. Although still some people notice me because I was directly holding my camera at them, they do not response to my action.

    3. Did you observe any issues/problems in physical and social space? As I had mention, people tried to use public space as their private space, and many of them does not care about other’s space as they are too into their works or else. Example, a guy trying to get taxi from fifth Ave, the taxi driver park his car at corner of 13th when there are also cars from other side is coming to the 13th street. Taxi drivers usually don’t park in a proper area on the street as we all know, yet it is actually very dangerous to do so or it might cast accidents. I did not realize that until I spend time and observed.

    4. How can design address those issues/problems? The design can address the issue by reorganizing the use of the space. For example, parts of the street are delicate for taxi parking, and bus parking. People who carry a lot of stuff or even carts should travel at certain area of the street. (such as inner area of the street).

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