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Grace Tsai

New York, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Mapping

    Well-being, Industrial Design


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    Galaxy Systems Kid Playground

    Form Couple metal bars that hold the structure in place. Within there are many thin metal lines that allows child to step on and spin around. The whole things was playground is structured asymmetrically which attracts child’s attention and allows child to explore this environment.

    Function It provides opportunity for kids to physically interact with the environment and social relations.

    Ethic The design become a socialize area for kids; it is not about using the equipment one after one. Within this small tiny structure, child has to overlap onto someone in order to have fun. When facing situation that kids have to share some of their spot, have to allow other passing by them. This design not only provide interesting playground, it is also a small social community for kids at young age.

    Cost The system was design to be easily made. It has simple form and high customization which allows schools and local community to purchase this product line.


    The Water-Gate

    Form It is a product that allow single person to stop a flood in minutes. It made of polyethylene tarp covered in PVC and can be rolled up and carry by one person.

    Function A barrier system allows polyethylene sheet to catch the water as it flows, unfurling and activating the system. One can easily lay down the Water-Gate without have to carry heavy materials to block water.

    Ethic This design that solves problems effectively and conveniently at emergency situation. Most importantly, how one person can deal with situation without have to wait for police, fireman and etc. For example, there are a lot of Typhoons in Taiwan due to its’ geographical condition. Every time when Typhoons come, water flood into the houses and building. When typhoons leave, government is only to provide money so victims can rebuild their homes. However, rebuild houses is not the most effective solutions considering such deserters usually happen more than five times a year.

    Cost The design can be rolled up and pack. It uses only two materials. The cost was dramatically been reduce compare to the sandbags that are mostly been use now.


    Tongue Sucker

    Form Tongue Sucker is to keep unconscious persons’ tongue at position so they will not die due to tongue block the airway. It has red color of rubber material connect to the plastic cylinder form.

    Function It is place in the mouth which will suck the tongue and prevent it falling to the back of the throat. It solves one problem with an extremely simple solution that can be seemed every day.

    Ethic This is an emergency design and the colors and the form reflect its function. Designers has research deeply on what is actually causing people die at emergency situation, one of the most critical is the delay of medical cars. The problem is, victims die because people do not have knowledge to save victims. Tongue Sucker point out one of simple way that does not require a lot of medical knowledge and still able to prevent victims dying.

    Cost The design is simple and can be made with cheap cost.



    Form A laptop shape as lunch box, size of book that is mainly of plastic, rubber. The cost and interface design is delicate for third world countries children.

    Function It is designed for children at third world countries to have access to information and education. Further, it provide as an social platform that allow kids to communicate with each other even they are not gather at one location.

    Ethic Why kids at third world countries are lock of education? The parents are not educated as they need to work in order to survive. They don’t have money to hire teachers. Kids don’t social and communicate between neighborhood communities because they don’t have transportation tools. All of the causes reduce the opportunity for children to learn, if kid is lack of education; the cycle of poverty will still continuous generations after generations.

    Cost The cost of this laptop are been reduce to $100 as if it is been mass produce.



    Form Cone shape of containers that is made of PET bottles.

    Function This device allows people to produce clean and portable water. By placing this under the sun, the heat inside and outside will begin solar condensation which produce water overtime.

    Ethic There are more than 50% of world population does not have access to the clean water due to its geographical condition and economic situation. Rather than provide water to those people, the designer tried to provide a solution that can be easily made, light-weight, and allows users to produce their water.

    Cost The shape can be easily manufacture into one piece from vacuum tools, it also reduce the cost.

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