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Grace Tsai

New York, United States

Product Design

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Thesis Initial Topic #2



    This is draft #2 with a target issue and users, written in a understandable, logical structure; although I am not ready to say i have a solution yet. This topic is what I am passionate about.


    China, the country that has most population in the world; at same time, there is a huge amount of child population who are abandoned due to diseases, poverty, disability, and social conception. Although China has promote the policy on adoption within country, the ratio of adoption rates and abandon rates is still off of the balance. Currently, most of the abandoned child live under Child Welfare Institutes (CWIs) that only provide the most basic needs, education, and health care. Furthermore, there are many negative perceptions of child live in orphanages within in Chinese culture that has strong psychological affects on those abandoned child. After years when these orphans grow up and become young adult, how are they going to deal with their social and and hierarchical identity? Is there a way that we can increase those child's self-confidence and acceptance of their life experience so they can live a better life?


    • An estimated 100,000 Chinese children are abandoned each year, most of them disabled or girls.
    • Chinese policy improved the adoption within countries, yet very little compare to total abandon child population.
    • Many child still lives under Child Welfare Institutes (CWIs) which basically function as orphanages.
    • Due to high demand of child who doesn't have home, CWI unable to provide child for a better care except basic needs.

    This part will be reinforce with more accurate information and data.

    Questions to ask and think about

    • What is the ratio of chinese orphans compare to other countries?
    • How is local poeople' attitudes toward orphans?
    • How other countries deal with orphans?
    • Most of UNICEF or relate organization spend majority of income on health care, does that include psychological healing?
    • There is still deep culture influence of why many Chinese still prefer boys over girls, why such perception still exist?
    • The value of children. Why so many disability child been abandon?

    Non-Profit Organization in NYC

    • UNICEF China 3 United Nations Plaza, 44th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, New York, New York

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