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steven landau

new york, ny, United States

Design instructor

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Number 2 idea rocks


    In response to Design Brief, posted by Jesse Resnick,
    in the thread Design Brief

    Jesse, I am completely enthusiastic about your wrist band product idea for autistic children. Reasons why this is great:

    1. You did extensive research into the issues that autistic kids and their parents and teachers are dealing with, and then you developed a product idea that very narrowly and specifically targets one important unmet need in your target audience.

    2. You don't try to "cure" these kids, but rather your design concept stresses management of symptoms, and alleviating some of the anxiety that seems to accompany this condition by giving them an easy and non-destructive way to express their need to do repetitive, obsessive things.

    3. You recognize the variability of behaviors caused by theconstellation of conditions that fall within the autism spectrum. Your idea of allowing the child himself to customize and adjust the wristband to achieve maximum benefit is very nice, and is a great example of how your reading of the literature has informed your design decisions.

    4. This is a great starting point for next semester, because the idea is still open-ended enough to allow you to really explore many possible directions, but it is finite enough to permit you to start immediately to investigate materials, technologies and functions.

    Jesse, I'd love to speak with you about this on Monday. Please come and find me to discuss your ideas further. steven

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