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steven landau

new york, ny, United States

Design instructor

Member since September 08, 2008

  • face puzzle?



    sumin I have often thought that it is too bad that treatment for people with disorders like AS usually focus on trying to "cure" people by training them to be like everyone else. I understand that this is a serious impairment, and that the inability to engage on an emotional level with others causes many problems; but sometime I find people with obsessions that are caused by AS or similar dysfunctions charming somehow. I guess I feel obsessed by a lot of things, so I have some sympathy for them, and also I don't like it when I think people are trying to "fix" me. So I agree with you that the trick to making a successful product for helping people overcome this have to avoid the appearance of judging. Are you thinking about a game? Maybe some kind of a puzzle where people have to complete a puzzle where the finished product is a smiling (or angry) face, and they have to decipher which it is? steven

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