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steven landau

new york, ny, United States

Design instructor

Member since September 08, 2008

  • art therapy?


    In response to The Mission Statement, posted by Emily Kim,
    in the thread The Mission Statement


    Hi Emily, I have been following your postings with interest, and I am encouraged that you are doing a lot of good research and thinking about this important subject. But I still don't know what you have in mind to work on specifically, and I want to urge you to make some concrete decisions and get onto the next steps in the process. It appears that you are leaning towards developing some tools that could be used in the course of therapy for either perpetrators or victims of domestic violence by law enforcements officers. Is this correct? If so, you may want to start talking with professionals who provide services to these individuals. I have a friend who is an art therapist in Seattle, and she said that she would be happy to speak with your about this. she also said that there is an excellent art therapy program at NYU, where you could find lots of knowledgeable people who would probably be happy to help. Maybe you should put together five carefully constructed questions and send them out to 15 people with knowledge on this topic, with the hope of getting some useful feedback. That might help you to get some answers and ideas, while also satisfying the requirement for the latest assignment for the Design Research component of the thesis. Actually, I would really be grateful if you would do this, because then I could use your questionnaire and recipients list as an example for the rest of the class; I'm afraid that people really don't understand the assignment, or why this kind of random emailing is actually a very effective way to find out about various subjects.

    Let me know if you want contact info for the Art Therapist. steven

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