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steven landau

new york, ny, United States

Design instructor

Member since September 08, 2008

  • triage tags



    hironao: I have been reading your interesting postings where you describe your observations of a city street. Your identification of various clusters of people engaged in different forms of communication (chatting, phoning, texting) and it reminds me a little about the question of interpersonal communication that you discussed in relation to medical situations. Have you made any more progress on a device or product that could promote better communication between patients and medical personnel? What are the kinds of products that are used to communicate in a hospital now? I am thinking about the clipboard that you always see hanging on a hook at the end of the hospital bed in old movies. You always get the feeling that the medical records that are on those clipboards are just for communication between the doctor and the nurses. It would be good if there was a way that the patient could feel that he had a better understanding of the meanings of various terms, prescriptions, etc....

    In 2004, they had the Republican National Convention in New York City. That was the election when George W. Bush won re-election over John Kerry. There was a fear among the police that there were going to be riots or even terrorism during the convention, to try to disrupt the electoral process. So, the police had to prepare for that by doing various exercises, and in one of them they had some people pretend to be injured or dead, and they practiced moving them to the hospital. Afterward, they left a bunch of these triage tags on the street, and I picked one up and was really fascinated and horrified at the same time by it. It has a whole system for labeling people quickly, so they can be taken either to the hospital or the morgue. They use a rabbit symbol if the person is really serious and they have to go quickly, or a snail if it is OK to slow down. There's also color coding, where black means death. steven

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