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steven landau

new york, ny, United States

Design instructor

Member since September 08, 2008

  • witricity


    In response to Design Criteria, posted by Brian Lin,
    in the thread Design Criteria


    Hi Brian, Have you decided to focus on the wireless electricity idea? I think that could be quite cool, and could lead to the creation of a product that fits these preliminary criteria. I was taking a look again at the article in Popular Science that you cited. Would it be possible, based on what you know about this technology, to create medical devices and other very small, low power devices, that relied on this method for transmitting power in cases where it is inconvenient (or impossible) to replace a battery? Like the inside of your body? There must be tons of articles and websites out there deal with various applications of this technology. I would love to see you pull off a really well-researched thesis which presents a portable, affordable, easy-to-use, ergonomically clever design that demonstrates a great new application for "Witricity" Thanks for turning me on that.

    By the way, would you mind if I referred other students to your Design Criteria posting? I am afraid that many people will not know what to do with this assignment, since they haven't yet decided on their product. I like the way you just jumped in and listed a bunch of criteria that you tend to think about. This is a great way to stimulate your creative juices, I find, and I would like to suggest that people take this same approach, if they have not yet decided.


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