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Emily Kim

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Critique Summary


    The mid critique review brought different perspectives to Solace the project. Many suggestions were made on the final model along with all the other possibilities and stakeholders that have been ignored.

    Suggestions involved funding and final marketing ideas to contribute to branding of the final product such as a donating fund process where contributions could go to my organization.

    The final model, shape, size, and color were also discussed. Most people liked the egg form because that is where the inspiration came from and thought that the packaging and material can mimic that even more to egg cartons and date stamping that can be customized with each user. Different materials such as heating pads, cooling pads, etc were suggested as materials to look into. Many people wanted to see varieties of colors that gave the user an opportunity to choose one that was significant to them. The same was said about form: could it be in shapes that represent things that are "important" or "should not be broken". Perhaps creating a variety of forms like cups, plates, mini tvs, phones, etc could be designed to create an even greater satisfaction to the "break".

    There were questions on word choice such as break. Crush, another word offered seems more appropriate. One critique asked many questions and suggested that I thought about all associations with the word and how my project relates to that and how it could be changed.

    The matrix diagram and user scenario can be larger. The matrix would better tell the story if I included the after life of the product. Because I don't want the product to be used forever, the matrix should show what happens after the therapy process is over, and how it can be passed to others. Creating more scenarios on different design ideas to explore the possibilities was also suggested to illustrate the different things that might not happen during the user testings but COULD happen if the environment the product was tested changed.

    My next steps include expanding my matrix diagrams and creating more user scenarios to explore the different things that could happen or even should happen with the use of solace.

    More material research and creating molds to begin casting or creating prototypes should happen.

    It is also important for me to speak to my NFP with refined ideas and user scenarios that introduce the different final prototype ideas to see which direction they think will best benefit the users, and also set up another meeting to conduct the second user testings with the agreed prototype ideas.

  • Great summary. Looking forward to seeing how this has gone forward.

    Your presentation was quite nice. As we discussed, I would revise your diagrams and treat them almost like you do your words about the project. (The outcome of your sentence, for instance, shoud be the outcome of the flow diagram). I like the way the simple diagram is popping off the page.

    Your argument is pretty solid at this point - work on making the product itself embody the experience you want the user to have. That is, think about how the design decisions of material, form, interaction can be a direct manifestation of how you want the user to feel. (Temperature, for instance, would give instant feedback to the user and would return to "normal" over time -- the poetics of this has a lot of potential. Where else are there metaphors for the use of your object?)

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