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Emily Kim

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Design Charrette With CVTC Part 2



    These words were those written by the therapist. Each was assigned a colored post-it and added their words most often used to the charrette.

    -Releasing anger in a non destructive way

    -Daily experience is usually rich in clues to dissociated past memories

    -Confronting something or distraction

    -Can’t recognize own emotions

    -Individuality and independence

    -Working with the inner child

    -Difficulty finding words

    -Career, work problems because of triggers

    -Body always holds to trauma

    -Too child like, doll or animal like is creepy to most patients

    -Measuring anger is satisfying

    -Normality does not exist

    -Learn to be a parent to themselves

    -Visual or tactile

    -Sexuality such as no sex or too much sex, confusion with gender and homosexuality

    -Forgiveness for self and others

    -Transitional object/tactical touch to anchor themselves

    -Voicing anger

    -Terrified of rage/ and what they will do

    -Strong support networks

    -EFT great exercise but not great for sudden rage

    -Open up possibilities

    -Role play

    -Being clear on boundary

    -People pleasing: their needs were always second

    -Pornography more interested in story than visuals (male)

    -Tapas acupuncture (focusing on pressure points while speaking to keep grounded and prevent panic attacks)

    -Painful but not scary

    -Saying when you are angry so it doesn’t grow

    -Something you push



    -Afraid of losing control


    -Not being believed

    -Therapist support system is creating a safe, structured environment and reviewing clinical work regularly

    -Finding a survivor’s mission

    -Humor, most if not all their clients have very good sense of humor and love to laugh

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