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Emily Kim

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Crime Victims Treatment Center PART 1


    After many messages and emails, Crime Victims Treatment Center's individuals have agreed to work with me on this project.

    The organization actually does not work with children, but works with many adults who were sexually abused as a child. Because the design approach of my topic has changed, this organization seems to fit even better with what I hope to achieve.

    Amie Karp, a social worker, therapist who works at CVTC spoke to me about her various experience and input on my design topic.

    Children who grow up without beinging treated for sexual abuse, tend to continuously victimize themselves. This may be through dating someone abusive, purposely putting themselves in dangerous and unfit situations and conditions, etc. This happens often because they had to sense of safety in their childhood. It is rare that a stranger will be the perp, and most often is a close family member, if not the parent. Because someone close to the child hurt them, and the abuse was continuous, the children grow up unprotected against certain aspects of life and safety.

    The most painful effect of sexual abuse, is not just the trauma of the abuse itself but is more oriented around the pain that comes with secrecy and shame. Most of the patients Amie sees, and children who are being abused, tell a parent or an adult, but does not get help because the adult figure does not believe them for any reason. This makes it harder for the child to trust and rely on adults for help, which makes the trauma and effects of sexual abuse last longer.

  • emily, will you have time to chat with me this morning? It's been a while since we spoke, and I would like to have an opportunity to catch up with your very interesting project. steven by the way, check out this article...

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