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Emily Kim

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

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    Although there are various designs to assist many different types of therapy, it seems hard to pick one specific one developed for the abused. But there are different types of therapy that are used to help the victims feel more comfortable, and open up emotionally to their therapist and family.

    Art Therapy

    Art therapy is often used when dealing with children. It is currently being used more often in trauma disorder treatment, such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, etc. Art therapist believe that artistic self expression helps individuals to resolve conflicts, reduce stress, gain insight and more.

    Music Therapy

    Music therapy is also popular with some therapists. Some say that music can get kids more prone to discussion of emotional concerns, helps them to communicate, and relax. Toy drums and recorded instrumental music is recommended when working with children and music. Sometimes just hitting on various objects and making noise makes a kid feel better.

    Puppet Therapy Puppet therapy is one in many various "Play Therapy" games. Play therapy is the most effective with children. Puppet Therapy uses a character to help calm the fears of the children. Adults can be difficult to speak to, but when masked with a 'character' kids are more prone to opening up and feeling comfortable and silly.

    I feel that play therapy with children is important. Children are meant to play, enjoy whatever comes at them, and be free. But abused children experience another level of emotions and mental distress on a more intense level, and playing during therapy seems like a great way to get the child to open up and perhaps act more carefree.

    Statement: Project DVA's (domestic violence and abuse) mission is to design a play communication tool for helping child victims express their emotions, reconnect, and re-communicate with themselves, family, and friends.

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