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Emily Kim

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Board Draft



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    Shape Memory Alloy allows the user to damage, crush, dent

    Shape memory alloy is a material that allows the user to cause repairable damage. The alloy can be "trained" to take a certain form. When it is crushed or damaged, HEAT will restore the original form of the metal. This material is a crucial part of Solace design, allowing the users to cause constructive damage without worrying about mess or repairs.

    The new design allows the users to continuously "crush" Solace on a weekly basis. One sphere represents a day of the week. The user if and when angry will use the ball on the day of to record their level of physical exertion. At the end of the week, they can look back to see when they were angry and help keep tabs on their mental and physical state.

    Through the user testings, wanting to see the amount of anger was important to help the exercise be more productive than falling into the category of useless aggression toys.

    The new design not only allows the individuals to physically release their emotions, but also helps note them and keep record of them.

  • Critique Summary


    The mid critique review brought different perspectives to Solace the project. Many suggestions were made on the final model along with all the other possibilities and stakeholders that have been ignored.

    Suggestions involved funding and final marketing ideas to contribute to branding of the final product such as a donating fund process where contributions could go to my organization.

    The final model, shape, size, and color were also discussed. Most people liked the egg form because that is where the inspiration came from and thought that the packaging and material can mimic that even more to egg cartons and date stamping that can be customized with each user. Different materials such as heating pads, cooling pads, etc were suggested as materials to look into. Many people wanted to see varieties of colors that gave the user an opportunity to choose one that was significant to them. The same was said about form: could it be in shapes that represent things that are "important" or "should not be broken". Perhaps creating a variety of forms like cups, plates, mini tvs, phones, etc could be designed to create an even greater satisfaction to the "break".

    There were questions on word choice such as break. Crush, another word offered seems more appropriate. One critique asked many questions and suggested that I thought about all associations with the word and how my project relates to that and how it could be changed.

    The matrix diagram and user sc...

  • Solace (corrected)



    Solace aims to help childhood sexually abused adults find relief of emotional stress through the sense of touch, sound, and smell.

    Larger Solace Board 1

    Larger Solace Board 2

  • Solace



    Solace aims to help childhood sexually abused adults find relief of emotional stress through the sense of touch, sound, and smell.

    solace board

  • Solace



    Solace aims to help childhood sexually abused adults find relief of emotional stress through the sense of touch, sound, and smell.

  • Pre_Review Board


    Pre_mid Review Board

  • name change


    The original name of my project Rage-o-meter was changed because of the negative impact the title of the project had during the mid review last semester. The product no longer just measures, and does not relate to rage directly as before.

    Solace meaning to give comfort is what the ultimate goal of the project is. The name seemed calm and tranquil enough not to feel threatening to the users. It is more approachable and easier to speak of rather than speaking of "rage".

  • mechanical drawing



    mechanical drawing of Solace

  • Mechanical Drawing



    Solace rendering with three layers. The outside and inside is 1/8" thick rubber with a breaking plastic in between. This is to keep the act of breaking continuous without the pieces falling into or out of the object.

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