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SuMin Nam

New York, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Mid-review and boards

    Communication, Communication Design


    The mid-year review presentation was very helpful because of the great, healthy comments from the critics. As I was doing presentation, I felt, because Aspergers Syndrome is not very well-known, little overwhelming by explaining it. I receive comments from various critics that the project’s essential concept of using flat TV screen is not so convincing, only if it has detailed mock-ups, healthy statement but like to see in clearer diagram format in presenting researches, more experiments are required, really difficult and extremely complex topic that can be resolved by video device and suggest research on investigates vision and physiological responses to social interaction, the origin of this syndrome needs to be addressed in a manner beyond visual observation and simulation techniques, research the most effective ways to engage social interaction and try to incorporate into the product, and to look at Maya Lin’s Vietnam memorial, Microsoft smart technology. Also, they suggest to look at what’s out there for entertainment technology, have a backup research on why mirror is best material to teach facial expression, and find any therapies using mirror. My next step is to do more research, and develop an idea which answers all the questions.

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