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SuMin Nam

New York, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • observation on 5th ave 13th street

    Environment, Environmental Design


    What did you observe in the physical space? : I saw lots of students from parsons were walking, talking, and hanging out on the street. There were no chairs or any other space that attract them to sit down and talk, so instead, there were a tilted windows and stairs to enter the building. Students actually half sat on the tilted windows and sat on the stairs while they were hanging outside of the building, smoking. Also, pathway for the wheel chairs to enter the building is too narrow and no push botton for doors to open.
    What did you observe in the social/interactions? : Students used the space/street as one kind of lounge. They met others and had conversations mostly standing up. But as the conversation got longer and waited for something else or someone, they tend to sat on tilted space under the window. Also, they were standing in front of the building to have quick smoke before class and during the break.

    Did you observe any issues/problems in physical and social space? : A path way for wheel chair to enter the building. It is designed for them to enter building but the path way has this 90 degree angle towards the doors and there was no push buttons to open the doors nor opens it automatically. So, basically it is hard for them to come up the path way and open the doors. The fact that there's no chair or place for people to chat is because, i think it could attract homeless' place to stay or strangers.

    How can design address those issues/problems? : it could be solved if 90 degree angle is changed to greater angle so it could be easier for people using wheel chair to change the angle to enter the building. Also, just adding a entering button on the side will much helpful for them to open doors.

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