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SuMin Nam

New York, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • revised board

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  • Worksheets for students with AS

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    Board Draft

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  • another video prototype

    Communication, Communication Design

    This prototype is to teach how to behave in public space..

  • 2nd user testing

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    The second user testing was conducted on students with Aspergers syndrome from special education classroom.

    Most of the students liked to do these worksheets as they could express their emotions on the paper. However, a lot of responses were quiet not related to the questions that were asked.

    One of the students’ worksheet shows this fact very well by answering all questions saying how nervous he was for the test.

    Also, because many questions were asking when they feel sad, scared, embarrassed, one of the students got frustrated when he first began answering the question. So, he crossed out some of the questions and refused to do so. The teacher of that student mentioned because the questions asked to show the weakness of the individual, students might get more frustrated and that they don’t know how to express it.

    Also, by doing this second round of user testing, I figured the worksheet needs to give more space for students to write, and have fewer questions on one sheet. And make it more enjoyable that they don’t think of it as test.

  • Midterm Review Summary

    Communication, Communication Design

    The Mid-Review was again very helpful. But I thought time went so quickly that I think I talked to fewer people than last time. However, I still got good feedbacks and suggestions for my project.

    Presentation Board

    • Need descriptions on Aspergers Syndrome. -Show materials first then website


    • Change titles when it starts. Make it look more fun, and entertain that students don’t feel it like it’s test Worksheet
    • Make it more uniform; specially, teaching facial expression
    • Less materials on one page

    Feedbacks for user testing

    • Do survey or test over teachers on how they felt while using this context, materials. And find out any awkward moments by using it.

    Other feedbacks

    • How do you measure success and move on to next level? More specifically, how do you know when student fully understand and pass on?
    • Levels of difficulty
    • Look at teacher’s kit
  • revised board

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  • teaching about social cues

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    Communication, Communication Design


    Thesis Statement: FaceUp is designed to help teachers, parents, and organizations to teach students with aspergers syndrome to identify their own feelings and the feelings of others and to assist them in expressing their thinking verbally.

    The goal is to provide effective materials to educate students about how to identify emotions by observing various real-life situation and reading facial expression

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  • Gantt Chart

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    List of functions and possible attributes -Recognizing facial expression and understand another persons’ emotion through various video clips -Lessons on body language, facial expression -Practice facial expression by using mirror -On website-online, it is possible to connect with other people online by using avatar which possibly created online by user. There, it attracts them to have real conversation with other users and break their fear of speaking to somebody else. -Face Puzzling -Online card game for facial/body language

    List of what you want your thesis design to achieve

    I’d like my thesis design to be an educational tool that actually helps students with AS improve communication skills through body language and facial expressions.

    Qualities I want in my design

    -Universal design

    • Something that can be modified to appeal to all ages
    • Easy to use
    • Stylish
    • Ergonomic

    An itemized list of what you will be presenting as your prototype

    • Video clips for demonstrate each facial expression/body language either created by me or through licensing of existing imagery.
    • Website
    • Actual product prototype? Chip or wired interface, mask that can be manipulated to show different emotions.
    • Example of how individual can use the product/material that provided through scripts, storyboarding, lesson planning or printed materials.

My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design