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Areum Joo

new york, ny, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Mid Review Summary and Revised Board



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    Summary of feedbacks

    In general, critiques showed positive reaction and they were interested about using chocolates to raise money for natural disaster victims that have unique and different designs and flavors for different disasters. Two of the critiques suggested me to find a famous chef to create a recipe for the chocolate and it would make the chocolate as a high- end product. This will help in advertising the chocolate and raise the value of chocolate. One of the critique suggested interesting idea about “food as medicine.” In China, instead of taking medicine or vitamins, the doctor suggests to have a food for medicine. After the critique, I have contacted her by email and shred information and comments about medicine as food and she kindly asked more information about it to her Chinese doctor. And here is an article that I found relates to this story. Many people mentioned about design of the chocolate and the packaging. One of the questions that I had was “Who will design the chocolate?” I really could not answer that question and I still haven’t decided. Another question that I got was “Where does the chocolate come from?” and Penny gave me a useful source that could help to find the answer and something that could also inspires my project. The chocolate bar produced by Equal Exchange. Equal Exchange is a worker-owned Fair Trade organization and their mission is “to build more equitable trade relations between consumers and small-scale farmers.” Also they thought packaging was the most important thing about my project. To sum up the suggestions I should include information about the ingredients, and it should raise consciousness about natural disaster. They also commented about creating a metaphor of chocolate. One of the critiques talked about metaphor of breaking the chocolate bar or the chocolate melting in the mouth. For the presentation boards, I felt I did not clearly present my idea about collection of chocolate. From the presentation board, they thought my project was only designed to raise money for Sichuan earthquake victims. I should include more examples of chocolates designed for different disasters. Also, instead of having the paragraph on the board, I should have bullet points that clearly explain about my thesis. From the chart that I had in my presentation board, they understood that there are a lot of potential for my project in the future since the number of natural disaster is increasing every year and they wanted to see more maps of the area. I need to do in the future It was a good opportunity to look at my project from different views. Critiques from different culture and different field commented on the area that I did not think of. I was satisfied with the comments that I got from them and after having Mid Review I think now my goal is clearer than before and I think I could look at my project from different views.

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