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Areum Joo

new york, ny, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Assignment for oct.20



    Thesis Mission Statement

    Thought there are many NFPs, Aids and people trying to help the victims of natural disaster, they are having problems transporting the supplies and themselves to the scene. I want to design a product or a system that could be made or found in the actual spot of natural disaster so the victims don’t have to wait helplessly and desperately.


    1. CARE: Our mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world. Drawing strength from our global diversity, resources and experience, we promote innovative solutions and are advocates for global responsibility. We facilitate lasting change by: • Strengthening capacity for self-help • Providing economic opportunity • Delivering relief in emergencies • Influencing policy decisions at all levels • Addressing discrimination in all its forms Guided by the aspirations of local communities, we pursue our mission with both excellence and compassion because the people whom we serve deserve nothing less.

    2. UMCOR: UMCOR's mission is to alleviate human suffering. We provide practical, proactive support to the most vulnerable survivors of chronic or temporary emergencies due to natural or civil causes.

    2. Matrix of Relationships

    4. Questionnaire Exercise

    1. Have you or anyone around you (family or friends) ever experienced any natural disaster?

    2. Imagine that you are experiencing the natural disaster, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

    a. family or friends b. water c. food d. home e. medical care f. money g. other __

    1. Do you have any emergency kit for natural disaster?

    2. From scale 1 to 5, how effective do you think the emergency kit would be?

    3. Do you think that you are prepared with appropriate actions when the natural disaster occurs?

    5. Questions for designing a solution for Voter’s guide

    a. How do you deliver the Voter’s guide, through e-mail? Or letters? b. What are the characteristics (age, gender, ethnic and etc.) of people who read the voter’s guide? c. What are the characteristic (age, gender, ethnic and etc.) of people who do not read the voter’s guide? d. Why did you choose the color scheme of current voter’s guide? Does it represent anything?

  • aerum, Thanks for producing the survey. You may want to use survey monkey to format and distribute the questions. I will try to speak to you in class today to go over your experimental design. steven

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