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Areum Joo

new york, ny, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • NFP observation



    **What did you observe in the physical space?**

    I was standing on the corner of 5th avenue 13th street where I could observe the four way intersection. There were buses stopping at the north corner of the 13th street and caps randomly stopping on the side and in the middle of the road. I found some bicycles chained to the rack and also to the sings on the road.

    **What did you observe in the social space/interactions?**

    In the beginning of the observation I stand on the corner side of the 5th avenue and found that a lot of people walking in groups of two or by themselves. I used my camera to record my observation but people were not paying any attention to what I was doing. They seemed they are not paying any attention to the surroundings but only focused on their issues they are having. However, I walked into the middle of the street and started to take pictures, people seemed to be bothered by the interruption. People started to recognize what I was doing and they look curious about what I was photographing with my camera. People walked around me and leered at my camera trying to see what I was taking.

    **Did you observe any issues/problems in physical and social space?**

    Not only during the observation, I have always thought about crossing the crosswalk on the red sign. This issue brings problems to the vehicle drivers, bicycle riders and also the pedestrian. And also the cars try to make left turn from the east side of 5th avenue threatening people crossing the crosswalk. Also along the east side of the 5th avenue, there is a bicycle path. But due to the cars parked on the side of the road, bicycle riders have to ride on the drive way facing of danger.

    **How can design address those issues/problems?**

    First of all, I think there should be a thicker and clear indication of bicycle path for the safety of bicycle riders. And bigger traffic signals with the sing of ‘Don’t Cross’ during the red light on the crosswalk.

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