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Areum Joo

new york, ny, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Thesis Project Idea



    For my second thesis project idea, I would like to work on environmental issues. Three years in Parsons, we’ve covered about environmental problems in several classes and I started to notice about what we are going through. And When I was a sophomore, in DRD class, we watched a film The Inconvenient Truth produced by Al Gore. Since then I concern about environmental problems as number one issue that we have to solve. One of the product that addresses this issue was made from NRDC. The cup has image of iceberg on the surface and when hot water is poured into the cup the iceberg disappears from the image. This product reminds people about one of the environmental issue, the melting glacier which cause the rising in sea level. This project will affect all the people in the world. And I would like to interview with any organization deals with environmental issues such as NRDC. For my next step I think I have to organize all the information that I’ve researched about environmental issue and narrow it down.

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