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New York, United States

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  • Nicole's Midterm Review Summary

    Well-being, Communication Design

    My review went pretty well. Most of the comments were on how I can fortify my concept, while not taking away from the main focus.

    What I Did Differently This Time from the Review on 12.01.2008

    • With (almost) every questions I received, I would answer, and ask the the critic what they would do.
    • This time, I felt like i had more time to digest all the information in between critics, which I find very helpful. It allows me to filter out suggestions that are not as applicable to my project at this point
    • Evolution: I incorporated the suggestions I had received, and asked other critics for their take on it. This lead to very interesting combinations!

    Areas for Improvement:


    • Most people liked the design. 1 person said i looked boring and needs more "action" in the pictures (I agree)
    • Most people didn't see the need to mock up the entire website. 1 person disagreed (I am still debating. will find out after giving dreamweaver a try)
    • Start thinking about how the website can be translated into daily use.
    • Include a section that urges users to check back regularly (ie. News feed blog)
    • Start thinking about pricing and BRANDING: What is the total cost? who is your target market?
    • Use BestBuy-inspired comparison charts
    • Consider specializing in different areas


    • products that can enhance the performance of the website
    • go back and look at tracking devices
    • beware of redundancy


    • contact (and seduce) more NFPs (ie American Red Cross)
    • pitch idea to for p...
  • Nicole's Boards for Midterm Review

    Well-being, Communication Design


    Mission: To help pet owners customize an emergency plan for themselves and their pets through an interactive website, before a disaster takes place.

    Click HERE to see larger image of board

    All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  • Comparative Analysis - work in progress

    Communication, Communication Design


    See larger image here

  • Winter Break Charrette

    Community, Communication Design


    See bigger image of Charrette here

    This charrette was done during the winter break.

    I met up with Animal Haven here in New York first, and added on notes from my conversation with Best Friends Animal Society (yellow post-its).

  • User Testing I - Scenario

    Communication, Communication Design

    Storyboard-1_177_ Diagram Scenario #1 Who: Random users online, contacted through • Emailing, and/or • User testing websites Criteria for selecting individuals: N/A Environment: Online Administrators for the test?: No Scenario #2 Who: Semi-controlled users , contacted through • NFP, and/or • In person (i.e. pet owners in the waiting room at a veterinary office) Criteria for selection individuals: Pet owner Environment: • Online • In a waiting space • NFP office • Pet store Administrators for test?: Yes Scenario #3 Who: Controlled, contacted through: • NFP, and/or • User testing websites Criteria for selection individuals: • Pet owner • Living in disaster-prone areas Environment: • Online • NFP office Administrators for test?: Yes <br> <br> Storyboard for waiting room scenario <br> <br> The ultimate goal of my user testing is to find out: a. How much time does it take to perform basic tasks? b. How many steps does it take? a. How many mistakes did the user make? b. Were these mistakes recoverable? How does the user feel after using the website? User testings that do not require the presence of an administrator are completed with a website review.
  • Barkode_logo_177_ My thesis topic was well-received at the critique last Monday. They seemed very enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the outcome of my project. They particularly liked my logo and graphics, as well as the title of my project, barkode. However there are still many things I need to work out first. I need to narrow my topic down. Right now, I am still trying to do too many things at the same time. As a result, I have not found a true solution that will help me reach my mission, which is to encourage more pet owners to evacuate during a disaster and prevent the loss of a pet during a disaster. There are a several directions I should consider, 1) Tracking system A more secure way to track the location of pets with low tech (in order to cater to low-income households) 2) Pet evacuation and transportation unit/system A safer way to transport pets, especially in the case where an owner has more than one pet. One critic suggested the idea of using a hand carrier that is disguised as a high-end luxury good to &quot;sneak&quot; smaller animals into places. 3) A top down crisis management plan A thorough guide that considers all possible scenarios, designed to intervene at different stages of the disaster. (i.e. If plan A fails, go to plan B. If plan B cannot be executed, go to plan C. If plans A, B, and C fail, go to plan D.) Once I have narrowed it down, I should go back to where I have left off and continue working on a) technological details, and b) t...
  • Storyboard for concept




    2-Sign up

    3-Generate barkode


    5-assemble and use

  • Charts




    design argument

  • Nicole_board2_177_

    board #1

    board #2

  • Strengths:

    • Presentation
    • Promising idea
    • Name, Logo, and graphics


    • Lack of tangible product
    • Technological details
    • A more concise direction: alternative pet id system, pet evacuation transportation method, or tracking system

    Additional factors to consider:

    • Distribution to different classes (avoid social segregation)
    • Plan and map out all possible scenarios imaginable
    • Purchasing of the website

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