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  • Nicole's Midterm Review Summary

    Well-being, Communication Design

    My review went pretty well. Most of the comments were on how I can fortify my concept, while not taking away from the main focus.

    What I Did Differently This Time from the Review on 12.01.2008

    • With (almost) every questions I received, I would answer, and ask the the critic what they would do.
    • This time, I felt like i had more time to digest all the information in between critics, which I find very helpful. It allows me to filter out suggestions that are not as applicable to my project at this point
    • Evolution: I incorporated the suggestions I had received, and asked other critics for their take on it. This lead to very interesting combinations!

    Areas for Improvement:


    • Most people liked the design. 1 person said i looked boring and needs more "action" in the pictures (I agree)
    • Most people didn't see the need to mock up the entire website. 1 person disagreed (I am still debating. will find out after giving dreamweaver a try)
    • Start thinking about how the website can be translated into daily use.
    • Include a section that urges users to check back regularly (ie. News feed blog)
    • Start thinking about pricing and BRANDING: What is the total cost? who is your target market?
    • Use BestBuy-inspired comparison charts
    • Consider specializing in different areas


    • products that can enhance the performance of the website
    • go back and look at tracking devices
    • beware of redundancy


    • contact (and seduce) more NFPs (ie American Red Cross)
    • pitch idea to for profit businesses (ie PetCo)

    RESEARCH: Existing Systems

    • On star, insurance for laptops
    • Home security system (Smart Home)
    • Apple Help - don't have to wait!


    • emphasize on the need for this project.
    • Include statistics used last semester
    • simplify storyboards (more concise)
    • Re-work the title for legibility

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