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New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • User Testing I - Scenario

    Communication, Communication Design



    Scenario #1

    Who: Random users online, contacted through

               •  Emailing, and/or
               •  User testing websites

    Criteria for selecting individuals: N/A

    Environment: Online

    Administrators for the test?: No

    Scenario #2

    Who: Semi-controlled users , contacted through

               •  NFP, and/or
               •  In person (i.e. pet owners in the waiting room at a veterinary office)

    Criteria for selection individuals: Pet owner


       •  Online
       •  In a waiting space
       •  NFP office
       •  Pet store

    Administrators for test?: Yes

    Scenario #3

    Who: Controlled, contacted through:

               •  NFP, and/or
               •  User testing websites

    Criteria for selection individuals:

       •  Pet owner
       •  Living in disaster-prone areas


       •  Online
       •  NFP office

    Administrators for test?: Yes

    <br> <br>

    Storyboard for waiting room scenario

    <br> <br> The ultimate goal of my user testing is to find out:

    1. a. How much time does it take to perform basic tasks?

      b. How many steps does it take?

    2. a. How many mistakes did the user make?

      b. Were these mistakes recoverable?

    3. How does the user feel after using the website?

    User testings that do not require the presence of an administrator are completed with a website review.

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