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  • Initial Thesis Ideas part I



    I was looking through the blog and realized that mine is not here! I'm not sure what happened, but here it is, with some changes after our Monday meeting with Rick and Linda.

    Stray animals in Taiwan

    The Problem

    • The issue has been around for a long time
    • There are many organizations and individuals who try to help, yet it seems like very little has been done
    • Stray dogs can be found everywhere. There are numerous cases where the dogs would attack pedestrians and are then brutally put down.
    • There is also an issue with animal abuse, and even dog slaughtering (for the meat.)
    • Larger breeds are more likely to be abandoned due to the size and level of care they require
    • i.e. In recent years, owning a golden retriever became the hottest trend. Many opportunist breeding farms started inbreeding. This resulted in many birth defects, most of which is located in the pelvic bone area. These birth defects are incredibly hard to treat, if at all possible, and also very expensive. There has been an increase in the number of stray Golden Retrievers.

    Initial Ideas

    • A line of products to aid in the process of capturing animals that is safe for both humans and the animals
    • Easy to set up shelters for the individuals who have unofficially “adopted” these animals
    • Cooperating with pet stores to raise awareness in the level of commitment it requires to keep a pet.


    • There seems to be a lack of commitment to look after these dogs

    Who is Most Affected?

    • The animals
    • The general public (fewer stray dogs mean fewer problems for residents, fewer animal bites, less spread of disease, and less animal population problems.)

    Who to Contact

    • Local Taiwanese organizations such as AnimalTaiwan and Home of Stray Dogs
    • Individuals who have personally taken up the task of housing these animals
    • Local pet stores

    Next Step

    • Look for NFPs in New York that help with the stray animal situation in Taiwan

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