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Douglas Best

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

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    The Guitar Center Music Foundation was created to provide funding and resources for music programs across America so that kids and adults alike will have an opportunity to experience the joys of music. We also educate the public on the value of a musical education. With your help, we can make a difference in people’s lives by providing them a gift that lasts a lifetime.


    The Guitar Center Music Foundation believes that music participation is an essential element in the fabric of an enduring society. Our mission is to have the benefits of making music available to everyone in the communities in which we serve, to promote its importance through education and media initiatives, and to provide financial and in-kind resources in collaboration with other organizations to achieve our common goal.


    We understand the impact music has on the lives of people of all ages, and the tremendous gift it brings to participants and listeners. We understand the power of music on the soul and the vehicle it provides for our sanity, health and creativity. We want to help make that gift available to everyone, with the understanding that the process of participating in music is a means to this end; that people don't have to be rock stars or professional musicians to enjoy the rewards of music participation, and that age is not a factor in the enjoyment or ability to learn to play music.


  • Works Cited

    "BioWaves Sound Therapy." Bio Waves. 2005. <>.

    This site brings up an interesting point about light and sound. It makes reference to light and sound acting as vitamins for the body, and that we can be deficient in tones, just as we can be deprived of natural light. This thought of tone, or sound affecting health is an interesting avenue of exploration.

    Glannon, Walter. "Depression as a Mind-Body Problem." Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology 9 (2002): 243-54.

    This will aid in my discussion of the mind and the body as it relates to sound and well being.

    Gorman, Mikhail, Amir Lahav, Elliot Saltzman, and Margrit Betke. "A Camera- Based Music Making Tool for Physical Rehabilitation." Computer Music Journal 31 (2007): 39-53.

    This is a spark for design ideation, revolving around music making sound generation, health and well being.

    "New York City's Noise Laws: Do They Work?" Tenants Services. 28 Sept. 2008 <>.

    Looking into the effectiveness of noise laws, and what stipulations there are regarding sound.

    "Noise Code (Local Law 113 of 2005)." Department of Environmental Protection. May-June 2008. NYC.Gov. 28 Sept. 2008 <>.

    Further prodding for information regarding noise laws, looking for loop holes.

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    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design



  • Map this

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design



  • upstill/distill

    Environment, Audio/Visual Design


    upstilling and downstililing

  • how you do anything

    Community, Industrial Design


    is how you do everything.

    Theory. Musical/ and non

    Self story health story

    and while you're away I'll write home everyday... Writing notes about what you will do the next time it sees you.

    The It the Instrument, the ID and the ego...


    Floating boxes.

    Personal sound PODS

    Wrap around earphones

    PODPalm Music generator.


    CigaretteBOX Speaker PODstrument

    Imaginary Audience The FINAL performance series.

    Process Time duration experiments in isolation VIDEO recordings. PLAYSPACE


  • Distill***


    Identify 3 NON Profits

  • Distill**2

    Peace, Communication Design


    Sedentary tendency?

    This explains the success of McDonald's drive-thru...

    The act of playing the drums factoring into a schedule, as exercise.

    What you can do by becoming a professional.

    Walking, walkers, training for the walking Olympics.

    On becoming a drummer

    Selling the case to your parents.

    Drums and Noise vs. a "regular" instrument such as 'sax, piano, cello'

    Drummers guilt. Don't want to offend anyone, with their sound.

    The Macro: Zoom out until the apartment is just a box floating in space, amongst other boxes floating in space.

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    Communication, Environmental Design


    Summary If then statement

    If more spaces in New York City were sound proof, then more Drummers would practice, and rehearse.

    Self Actualizing the Drummer


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