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Douglas Best

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008


    Aid, Communication Design


    Where is there a need for this?

    This was a strong question asked by some critics, although they seemed to agree that somewhere there is a need, but couldn't or wouldn't identify a very pressing scenario.

    It was suggested that I have designed a product, and am now looking for an application.
    What is a particular scenario that this could work in,and design for that specific scenario. -doctors office

    • train -transit specific groups of people who may be interested:
    • physicians
    • Mandatory reporters -teachers -counselors
    • mental health professionals -social providers -social workers -etc.

    Some suggested that this product be a feature. Not an all encompassing case, but an add on situation for those that want or need privacy.

    Diversify the product line, break up the features into CREATE, and ESCAPE, don't apply both features to the same product, this will make it costly to manufacture... and perhaps limit its marketability.

    Some suggested thinking of this as a product which exists where you need it. So if it was on a train, i may have the mentality of a cup holder, it is a device which exists where you would need it, not something you carry around with you.

    One critic suggested talking to Apple, or Cingular , to one of the Marketing Associates to see if there is any interest there in creating a story around the product. This seems far fetched to me, but could be a good exercise.

    Next steps:
    Create a survey that gets to the core of the issues regarding my product a survey which questions cell phone usage and social behavior.

    A next user testing round would ideally be to create a prototype for a very popular business phone such as the blackberry to fit a stereotype... create double digits of the case, and approach people on wall street who have a particular phone for which I have a case for. Ask them to use for a a period of time, with regular scheduled email check points, in which I can ask 3 questions for feed back, every 3 days for example. If they throw it out before the time period is up, they would have to tell me why.

    Perhaps going into an office setting would be a good place to make observations of phone usage, and a scenario to design for.

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